Dub War

Dub War is Benny ill & Bill Robin. They have worked together under a number of aliases since the early 90’s. In 95 they were signed as Bill&Ben to Frankfurt based label Harthouse on which they released 4 Eps and the critically acclaimed album ‘South of The River’ This work focused what had by now become a genre-less approach to music production, seeking out new forms from combinations of music that had inspired them and this project lead to and helped define the early Dub War sound.
In 98 Bill&Ben released the track ‘Keep On’ for the PIAS album ‘Sounds Like London’, while this release only ever made it to white label it is a very early example of the nascent transition from UK Garage/2 Step to what the press would later term Dubstep.
In 2001 they released the Dub War EP ‘Murderous Riddim/Generation’ on Tempa, now considered an important stepping stone in Bass Music history.
In 2011 they released the 12″ The Funky Deal / To The Depths also on Tempa.
In 2014 the Dub War meets Infra 7″ If It’s Not The Police / If It’s Not The Dub is released on the Oregon based ZamZam Sounds label.
Benny iLL also ecords as Horsepower Productions. Bill Robin records as South London HiFi & Warp Technique and founded the Rebel HiFi party collective in Berlin.
They are currently working on the 1st Dub War LP which features some interesting collaborations with both well known & emerging artists.



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