Events promotion

We work on our events from the concept to completion. We cover all aspects of promotion starting from the artist booking through club communication, media promotion and ticket sales.
Throughout our vast experience we managed to do gigs in big halls as well as underground club nights. We concentrate on providing best possible atmosphere to make the experience unique for the artists as well as the public.


Roughmind started initially just as a booking agency and that’s what we still continue to do.
We work with artists personally as well as managements and venues directly. Our cooperation with various agencies allows us to fit almost any artists on this planet that fits your needs.
We concentrate on preparing tours for the artists that would be successful based on their fanbase in different markets where they can gather people and provide the best show possible. To provide that – we work with venues in whole Europe (and beyond) to have the best idea of the needs on their markets and be able to put the right artist into right place.
On top of that we cooperate with festivals to provide them acts which they need at specific time period and provide ‘one off’ gig especially for them.

Tour managing

Going on tour is never easy. To make it a bit easier for the artist we provide tour managing. During the tour we take care of dealing with the promoter, production team and all the agreements as well as of the whole routing and arrangements to provide the whole tour run go as smooth as possibly can get.

Corporate events

Urban music became in the last years one of the best ways to promote the brand. We’re here to help brands achieve this goals. We share our experience in way of consulting to help achieve best results and omit the obstacles. We also organise corporate events from the beginning to the end starting from the concept, artists selection, venue selection, promotion, budget, production and all factors needed for a successful event.


Synch licensing – that’s how we provide music to the videos, commercials or any other media. Based on a type of the project, brief or objective we find and license music for your use. Our vast connection to labels, musicians and management allows us to find a good match quickly and enhance¬†your video with good music experience.