Raashan Ahmad

Raashan Ahmad was born in Trenton New Jersey, a small industiral town south of New York city. His earliest memories are of his dad programming and playing mix tapes his friend from New Jersey would send, as well as his records, and acting like a radio announcer. Marvin Gaye, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Miles, Anita Baker and lots of good jazz, funk, and soul.

This would set the foundation and the standard for his own musical taste (and record collection) to flourish. Skip forward for two decades: In 2004 Raashan founded the Crown City Rockers who left their mark on the west coast scene as well as touring in Europe.

In 2008 and 2010 Raashan Ahmad released his first two solo albums featuring artists such as Aloe Blacc setting the groundwork for continious touring all over the globe during the last two years. While being on the road Raashan Ahmad ended up meeting producers in France, Poland & Australia Inspired by these talented musicians Raashan Ahmad created a versatile HipHop sound reminiscing to the Golden Era as much as the new Beatmaker generation of our decade with a portion of live music in it. Proving his exceptional MC skills on this record he was able to create a soundtrack to his countless journeys all around the globe.

The album features productions by 20Syl of C2C, Ta-ku & Mr. President. Among the guests on the microphone is Stones Throw signee Homeboy Sandman, Geoffrey Oryema and Ty.


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