Odd Harmonics

Odd Harmonics is a Producer, DJ and Audio Engineer from Copenhagen, now currently based in London, UK.

His musical background ranges far and wide with many genres and instruments explored already. Since the last 4 years, the main focus has been on the deeper end of the Drum and Bass spectrum.
With longstanding radioshows ( and many guest appearences ( etc.) he’s grown to understand the width of the genre, capable of constructing a set for an audience – not just with the latest and greatest, but
with a solid nod to the past every time.

As a main force in running a monthly night in the UK for 2 years, Odd Harmonics has been playing to people from all corners, yet still keeping the music competitive with the many great events in London.
Most recently, a 6 months trip to Colombia saw Odd Harmonics co-headline with the likes of Dom and Roland, playing huge capacity festivals and also smaller club gigs around the country. A big lesson in the versatility of Drum and Bass was learned here.

Odd Harmonics dropped his first release on UK indie label Lifestyle Recordings (Concentration/Shifter) and has afterwards kept providing tracks for various compilations on the label.
The debut ep was released on the now defunct Extent V.I.P, featuring 4 tracks of heavy bass lines and intricate percussion form around the world.

Production wise, Odd Harmonics are in the midst of finishing several releases and also working hard on other projects on the side – however, keeping up with DJ’ing all year around, he loves to take any crowd on a journey within the blurred lines that is Drum
and Bass.


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