Dub Across Boarders

Drawing on influences and tradition from around the world, Dub Across Borders is a melting pot for musical ideas and creativity.With a strong anchor in the dub genre, the music takes on folkloric instruments and rhythms and puts them in a contemporary context.
Colombian percussion, African voices and the big echoes of Jamaican dub are some of the key ingredients.

Dub Across Borders was founded by Mathias Engstrøm while travelling around South America and as the project was taken back to London he has now formed a live band around it, including vocalists, percussion and instrument players from different parts of the planet.

From both the slow, dub-techno infused lounge vibes to uplifting, cumbia inspired roots sounds the music is crossing borders where it feels right.
There is both a conscious and playful mood to his music and as a live performance, this extends even further.

One release has been put out so far, with more already scheduled both in digital and physical form. The track ‘Antchi Dub’ [Dub-O-Phonic] has been in heavy rotation on online radio’s since it’s release and was also picked out as a Best Of 2013 by

Dub Across Borders can also perform as a one-man live act or Dj sets.

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